Hello Again + Nano!!!

Hi, everybody! Sorry I pretty much haven’t posted at all…scratch that, I haven’t posted since JULY. And now it’s NOVEMBER!!!


Seriously, though, sorry guys. Forgive me? *Puppy dog eyes*

NOW! I have a looooooong post planned for you. The last thing I posted was Frank’s Story Part One. Here’s the link: LINKY! 😀

So here’s Part Two:

So we went to get my dad and the cat. When we met the cat, I was surprised by how sorry I felt for him. Small, weak, and drinking water out of a frisbee. Poor guy.  I loved him already. So, we brought him home. We locked him in a room with a glass door, and we would often come and visit him. We even set up a mattress on the floor so we could sleep in the same room as him.

The first few days were rough. Frank hid behind the couch for a week, only coming out at night to eat and drink. He would hiss, meow, and bite when someone picked him up. He was angry and confused.

And one day, I picked him up. And he just sat there. I didn’t pick him up for long, but I did. I was surprised.

So, little by little, Frank got better. Eventually, we let him out of the room. Sometimes he was scared of the piano or the other cat, but he got better. I remember once we went to pick him up from the vet’s office after he had an overnight stay. I walked into the room where all the cats waiting to be picked up were in cages. Frank saw me before I saw him.


I went over to his cage, and he started rubbing his face against the bars and making his funny noise ( Frank doesn’t purr or meow, he makes odd purr-like noises ). We picked him up and left.

We now have dozens of pictures of Frank lying on my bed, Frank stretched out of my lap, Frank asleep in my doll tent.

Frank has picked me, and I picked him.

Ohhh, gosh, guys. Nano.


And that’s all I have to say.




A Little Something

For the people that follow my other blog, I’m sorry for the repetativeness. But I wanted to post this on all three blogs.

A clap of thunder startles Nicole out of her dream. Rain is pouring down, and she feels it run down her body. Wait. As far as Nicole knew, she went to sleep indoors. She sat up quickly, causing whiplash. She rubbed her head and studied her surroundings. Okay, she thought, I’m stranded in creepy woods with nothing on me but the clothes I wore to bed. I must be in a dream. A soft moan came from behind her. Freezing, Nicloe slowly turned around. Nicole squinted through the haze of rain at the lump. Sitting, up, the figure turned toward her. She gasped. Nicole started back at the most dazzling pair of azure eyes she had ever seen. “Hi, I mean, uh- i’ll-oh,wait,” He tried to get out, “I mean, I’m Derek.” She scooted more toward him. Lifting her hand and narrowing her eyes, she poked him in the cheek as if he were a strange animal of some sorts. “Shoot. So this isn’t a dream.” Nicole said, feeling akward. “Hi, I’m Nicole Wolf.” He rubbed his cheek where she poked him and responded, “Yeesh girl. You have talons. Oh! Look!” Doing what he said, she saw what he was pointing at. Four other figures lay strown about the clearing.

Gathering her nightgown, she quickly ran to the others to see if they were alright. Reaching the girl, Nicole turned her over and was releived to see the girl was breathing fine. Checking all of them, she counted two girls and one boy. The girls appeared to be twins, though not identical. They had the same features, and hair colouring. Nicole sat down, hugging her knees to her chest and waited for the others to wake up. The boy rose first, giving us a strangled look. He was very scared, and looked way younger than 14 year-old Nicole. He looked about 10 or 11. Sensing his panic, she rushed over to him and cradled him in her arms. Instead of retaliating, the boy let him be comforted like Nicole was his mother. “I’m Nicole Wolf. What’s your name?” She said quielty. “Xavier.” He murmured, causing Nicole to stain to hear him. By this time the others were up, and they introduced themselves. “I’m Malia, and this is Skyler.” They waved. “I’m Nicole. She sat the little boy on the ground. “Hi!! I’m Xavier.” By this time, he had calmed. “Derek.” Spoke the azure eyed boy. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Malia blush.

A pure blue light flooded her vision. She looked all around her. A new grove of trees weaving in and out of themselves like a tunnel shimmered in the slight wind. Nicole looked back, grinning, and bounded off. A breathtaking view of flowers, bark, and other plants. Everything shimmered, like it wasn’t real. She felt the others in bewilderment behind her. Sticking her hand through the trees, her arm disappeared the further she went. It was just an illusion. A pretty illusion, though. Silver steel lined the door on the opposite end. Skyler walked up from behind her. Turning it, the grove dissolved and a grey-blue floor replaced it. A conference table and chairs were in the center. “Please, sit down.” An automated voice came in, causing Nicole to jump to the ceiling. Well, this is weird, she thought. Doing as the voice asked, they all sat down. In the middle, a robotic arm rose up with a clear diamond. Projecting on the wall, a map of what appeared to be the forest and the land around it.

“Now, are you guys listening? Good. My name is Angela. I am what you would call the Administrator of Elixir. I make the decisions, keep care of it, ward off enemies. Elixir is a magical forest where creatures of harmony and peace can come together. We have four sections. The Færies, Niaids and Dryads, Nymphs, and Mermaids. All was well, until the plague showed up. We had heard about this before, different havens getting infected. Their environments seemed to disentegrate, gone from existence. Three have been infected so far. We think. At least those are the ones we recorded. The thing is, once they are gone, they literally cease to exist. No memories, no matter, no animals, nothing. Ten minutes to record, the the plague moves on. Two weeks ago, the Mermaid section got symptoms. We were infected. I don’t know how this happened, we took extra precautions. All I know is, I need your help.”

At this time, she was astonished, trying to process this information. I mean, there was nothing special about me. I was just a pale, blond-haired blue-eyed fourteen year old from Elkins, WV. Nobody took me seriously, netherless thought I could be a hero, Nicole thought.”Each of you are going to a different section, except for Xavier. He’ll be joining Malia. Once you cross the border, there is a set of maps for each of you. Follow the traces. We hid talsimans for things like this. Follow the clues. Find the talsimans and bring them back here. Look to your left. There are closets that hold the appropriate clothing for your journey. There are also knapsacks with survival items, like food, water, extra clothing, etc.” She started towards the narrow opening with my name above it. Entering, Nicole saw a aqua Katniss-like hunter outfit. Except, when she put it on, it expanded across her body, morphing my legs into a tail. She fell down. Suddenly, Nicole looked like a mermaid. She admired the purple top and scales. “Well, I know where I’m going. Now how does this work.” She asked myself. Angela came over the intercom. “Think about wheater you want to be mermaid or human, and it’ll morph into what you please.” She did as Angela instructed, and her tail disappeared. The aqua hunter outfit replaced it. “Either way, wearing this, you’ll still be able to breathe underwater. Grabbing the knapsack, she pushed the door open. Hissss. The pressurized air gave away, making a slight breeze. Don’t ask her why, but at that moment, Nicole felt powerful. Derek, Malia, and Xavier were already out there.

Derek was in all green. He had dark forest green pants with brown combat boots. His shirt matched his pants. I had to smile, he looked so uncomfortable. Xavier and Malia weren’t a certain colour, every time they moved or thought about a colour, the suit turned that way. Skylar came out. My jaw dropped. She was dressed in a buttercup yellow dress with leggings. A set of wings adorned her back. Flapping them she rose. “Cool, right?” Skylar said. I laughed. Angela spoke.”Now that your all ready, it’s time to go.” I gulped. Walking toward the door which held the secrets of the unknown, I knew of one thing. I was headed straight for an adventure of a life time.

Do you like it? I felt like the ending was rushed, but I promised myself I would publish it today. I hop you enjoy!


New Girl…

Hey, guys!! So most of you probably know me, but if you don’t, here’s my blog. I am a writer, and a proffesional fangirl. Yes, we all have our moments. As you know, Grace left this site, and you probably have guessed that I have replaced her. I’ll try to keep up with  posting, and whatnot, but I think we can all agree. That Grace is an amazing person and we are sooooooooooooo sad she left!!!!! :((( Although, I can completley understand why she left, being busy and whatnot. No pressure, Grace!!! *glares at anyone who’s judging* Anyways, here are some facts about me:

  • I am completley crazy
  • You will most likely see me reading, or playing my ukulele
  • My name is Ashlynn, if you couldn’t already tell
  • I’m 13 years old, in 8th grade
  • Sadly I’m not homeschooled
  • My favourite foods include: popcorn, frenchfries, and fruit, chicken noodle cassorole, chicken noodle soup, and mashed potatos. (I know right, really random)
  • My favourite colors are mint blue, red, periwinkle, coral, and a soft yellow.
  • I love to write and let my mind go wild
  • I have brown hair and green eyes
  • I am super pale
  • I am an artist and a dancer
  • By dancer I mean ballet, jazz, tap, modern and pointe
  • I am a Christian
  • I play five insturments: Oboe, Piano, Saxophone, Flute, and Ukulele.
  • I’m in another collab blog with Allie Taylor, April McLauren, and Misty. See it here


Tuonane Tena!!


Farewell, Dear Friends

Hello everyone! It’s Grace here. I wanted to do a quick post to let you all know that unfortunately, I won’t be posting on this blog anymore. 😥

I’m really sad to be leaving this lovely blog, but life has gotten busy and I feel its unfair to the other bloggers and readers for my absence in this blog. My family is also very busy with a blogging plan/idea, which I’m really excited for!

Bella, thank you SO much for asking me to be apart of The Ramblings of Us! It’s been a blast and I’ve had a lot of fun with it! 😀

Although I didn’t post on this blog for very long, I enjoyed every moment of it. I’m sad to leave but I wish this blog the best of luck! ❤

You can still find me at:

The Girl Upstairs (personal)

The Elven Realm of Writing (collab)

Girls Writing for God’s Glory (collab)

The Fangirl Photoshoot

Hello everyone! This month has been very busy for me so I haven’t been able to post much, but I’m here today with a fun little fangirl photoshoot.

If you know me, you know I am OBSESSED with Star Wars. O.B.S.E.S.S.E.D. I ❤ LOVE ❤ it! (I am trying to contain myself XD .) My dolls love it, too. We all love to pile in together and watch the Star Wars movies.

I’ve been wanting to make a Star Wars inspired outfit for my dolls, and after watching this tutorial, I did!


Here is Grace cosplaying Rey! I think she looks so cute. 🙂


I made her outfit from an old shirt that was lying around in our fabric scrap bin. 😉


Grace loves her outfit. 😛


I hope you enjoyed! Are you a Star Wars fan?



The Post In Which I Randomly Ramble!

Hallo! Sorry for my unexplained hiatus! I was at a friends house for a few days because of her birthday, and then I was at my grandparents house for VBS! Sooooo… Yeah, I’ve been busy. Anyway, I couldn’t decide on a subject, then I remembered that the best things are the small ones! So randomness is the subject today! Enjoy!!



-What I did when I heard Jamie Grace was recording new music. EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Sorry. Everyone has fangirled, right? You get it.

-I’m hot. It’s soooo hot here! It’s six o’ clock and ninety six degrees! Ugh… I like heat better then cold, but ninety six is too hot for outdoor stuff.

-I watch Jamie Grace’s YouTube channel faithfully, and she gave her address for fanmail and her number in her newest vlog post!!!! I’m going to write to her and ask her to sign my picture of her!! And call her!! K.A, you’ll appreciate that!!

-I’m going to North Carolina for a dance camp in a week or two! My Aunt Emily teaches Ballet and Theatre Arts full-time at Appalachian State University, and she knows the man who will be teaching the class, so I’m super excited! The instructor, Brad Parquette, has danced in Toledo, NYC, Florida, and lots of fancy dance schools. If you can’t tell, I’m excited!!! EEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

-Tomorrow my four day dance intensive start…. Two months without dancing has been killing me!

-I’m hungry…

And that concludes this post! Hope you enjoyed! Bye!!


Frank’s Story :D Part 1

OK…so, my cat, Frank, has a bit of an interesting story. So I thought today I would share that story! Because….who doesn’t love a kitty story, right? Right! Here is a pic of him.


Isn’t he cuuuute?

Frank was a little cat when we got him. Maybe about 6 or 7 weeks. So, he had been either abandoned by his mommy or he was lost or something…we don’t really know. My dad works at a university, and a student there found him. She put him in her coat, and brought him into the building my dad works in. Frank escaped from her coat and ran through the building. Some people dad worked with ran after him, along with my dad. My dad called my mom…

“Can you pick me up with a cat carrier?”